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  1. So basically, title.

    I had an attacker use a few Santa spells to try and take out my Inferno Tower (failed) and now I’m worried that if I collect the left-side presents, it will automatically collect the right-side presents as well. Which sucks big time since I’ve had them for 6ish years now.

    Hopefully someone with a similar experience can chime in and (hopefully) tell me I’m wrong >//<

    What a pickle.. :/


    >why not just keep them?

    I’m going to be TH11 soon and will have to change my current base.

    >what’s your current base?

    It’s a YouTube base that I did some modifications on. Have yet to be 3-starred by another Th10 in regular attacks. Also won a bunch of defenses so I think it’s pretty good. (just wanna flex it :p)

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