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[Meta] We have a new FAQ/Wiki check it out

[Meta] We have a new FAQ/Wiki check it out

Also located conveniently by hitting that “wiki” button up top (on desktop site), or by clicking that Wiki/FAQ button in the sidebar.

Take a look through it, tell me it sucks and what to change, tell me if theres anything you feel should be included that is not etc etc etc…

This version is a little more generalized and filled with things that should not go out of date quickly. I tried to mostly focus on very basic stuff and the kinds of things you see come up in /new a few times a week if not more. Please also direct people to start using the FAQ for those basic questions as well.

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  1. Nexusios1521

    Great wiki. Found one error tho:

    “DO NOT GUESS. You risk having both the account you are contacting supercell through and the account you are trying to recover being banned. Currently a “phishing” ban seems to be a month long for a first time offense.”

    The account which someone is trying to recover, will not be banned.


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