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8 Thoughts to “[HIMB] should I just go to town hall 11 now tired of waiting”

  1. LukeKid

    I upgraded my town hall 🎉🥳

  2. LukeKid

    I have everything max apart from heroes and a few dark spells

  3. MovePractical

    What level are your heroes? If they’re at least 30-35ish you should upgrade

  4. AdmiralFluffyPants

    You should have went ages ago. Yes, go to TH11.

  5. wryvelocity

    You should upgrade. I was in the same boat, two months in and I maxed out my queen that was level 37 and most of the significant defense buildings such as infernos, air defense and so on.

  6. PotatoMan19399

    Yes but focus on heroes as soon as you get th11. Try to keep them down as much as possible

  7. TxLady56

    Max those heros, you will struggle at th11 with low heros.

  8. tylerdagod03

    Spend your gold and elixir first bc you get tons from leveling up

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