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So today we gonna talk about these two popular spell in Clash of Clans. Healing Spell and Rage Spell, unlike other spell these spell is very easy to use and offer basic effect such as healing or damage boost. We gonna compare these spells and see which spell is better and more useful in many way.

Let’s start with standard testing. Inferno Tower and P.E.K.K.A
Normally PEKKA wouldn’t make it but then we add rage spell in play. Boom! Easy Peasy P.E.K.K.A Greasy. The result is not similar if we use healing spell. Lame? Don’t judge it so fast. Let’s move on to another test!

Second test! Giant and Cannon! Maybe P.E.K.K.A has really high damage so rage spell is way to go, since rage spell favor troops with high damage. Giant is tanker with decent dps and hitpoints so we should give him a shot. Normally Giant doesn’t stand a chance against cannon. With rage spell, giant barely survived. Using healing spell, giant can’t survive. Alright! So rage spell is better? Not really.

Actually we need to take this experiment even further. One cannon may cause biased result since it’s pretty easy to destroy anyway. We should bring cannon formation from last video. Now we see the result is similar using P.E.K.K.A. If we use giant , rage spell once again show its superiority. Okay maybe barbarian will on healing spell side!? Nope.

Alright, I’m sorry healing spell. I don’t mean to expose you! But what about healer? Healing + Healer should be great combination right? Or is it just overkill? Nothing personal! But you know what healing spell is best when used against splash damage defense! Like this one!
We see if we use rage spell they can’t finish this defense!
Now healing spell this is your time! Show the world what you good at!

Actually both spell are pretty good! Since real base will consist many kind of defense from single target to multi target. What about air unit? Like dragon? Troops against cc troops? Wall Breaking? Ez point for rage spell!
Now for final test we’ll see this mixed defense to see which spell is better.

Which spell do you think is better? Or at least more useful?
Rage Spell or Healing Spell?
Let me know it comment!
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