**Enable skin selection from the player profile**

This could be in the form of a switch skin button ([for example](https://imgur.com/a/gTnm8XX )) or maybe even just by clicking on the hero. This would then bring up the screen which you see when you change the skin via the current method. The main benefit of this and reason behind this idea is being able to equip skins for heroes not unlocked yet. Currently, when you have a hero skin for a hero you haven’t unlocked yet, the skin is completely inaccessible until you unlock that hero. In the case of the current royal champion skin, that could be years for some players. Having to wait a significant length of time to see a cosmetic that you have bought is not very appealing to most people, especially when you could probably just buy it for gems after that time or a better skin may have been released. To a TH7 for example, obtaining grand warden or royal champ is so far out of the picture the skin is basically useless to them, and the skin is the buying point for a lot of people. The ability to select hero skins on your profile would remove this issue. Hero’s that you don’t currently have would still be greyed out as they are currently, but you would still be able to select the skin for that hero and it would show that greyed out skin on your profile. This would allow people to show off skins that they have without having to wait, it would be especially good for skin sets as you could display that you have the whole set. I imagine think that this would definitely incentivise more people to buy the pass, especially lower THs.

**Change the background on the profile to match the currently equipped scenery**

Currently, the background behind the heroes is just the regular green tree scenery. It would be a cool feature if that changed to match the scenery that you have equipped. It just makes sense right? Like the last idea, this would work great for hero skin sets. Imagine all the winter themed hero skins in front of an icy backdrop, or all the pirate themed hero skins in front of a treasure island. Of course it would be a bit of extra work for the designers, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be much compared to the work that goes into making the actual scenery itself.

**Display the name of the hero skin below the hero, rather than the name of the hero**

Currently, whether you have pekka king or primal king equipped, it will still say barbarian king under the displayed skin. With this idea it would change that to the name of the skin that you have equipped. I think that most people know the names of each hero, and even if they didn’t each skin still has part of the name at the end (king, queen, warden, champ) so it’s not like people will get confused by the names. While this change would be pretty minor, I still think it would be a pretty neat change.

Thanks for reading through, I’d appreciate if you commented below what you think of my ideas!

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