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6 Thoughts to “[Ask] what should I upgrade? (Giants are going to lvl 6)”

  1. razorpineleaf1

    Freeze, lightning or poison would be good.

  2. Alabama-Getaway

    Hogs in troops, poison for spells, and heroes.

  3. Sa8263

    Hogs and all your spells need upgrading

  4. Jack_Torrent_1

    My advice is:

    Troops: Lavahound should be upgraded either now or soon; Laloon is a powerful strategy.

    Spells: Either jump or haste, Jump if you are mainly a ground-troops attacker and haste if you are an air attacker. Also don’t leave the lightning spells at level 2 for too long because they become so powerful for dragon attacks and Babyloon.

  5. SnooRabbits2200

    Happy cake day!

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