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  1. Do it how it’s laid out and start on one side of the base to the other.

    Pick a hero and go for it, mark level. Maybe when the Queen is 10 lvls over king, you do king next.

    Rotate elixir upgrades, I’d keep warden where he’s at because he has the ability, work troops as they get closer to max then do warden.

  2. Upgrade stuff smh. But fr just focus on offense and let defense come last. Getting your camps maxed is a top priority. Don’t use edrags to farm because you will fall behind on elixer. Use barch or upgrade your goblins so u can use sneakies. If your clan allows it try to participate in a lot of wars for the extra loot and also cwl. Your heros are really bad so I would probably stick to elixer based upgrades in the lab for now while you upgrade your heros. They are cheap enough to upgrade all at once for now, but once you get to like level 20 I would just focus on one heros in increments of 5 levels if you can’t upgrade 2 at a time. If you have extra builders after upgrading your camps and all the offense buildings, I would upgrade something low weight like traps or air defenses, so you don’t get pushed up in war weight and can get more loot bonus from attacking lower. I would stick to lower leagues for farming and try not to log off super full on loot do it doesnt get stolen easily. Gl 🙂

  3. Start on collectors. Unrushing a th13 like this is a huge task and you might want to just keep this for donations and CWL and make an alt.

  4. It’s not that bad and can be fun. Focus on offense and STOP upgrading defensive building It will only bring harder opponent that you can’t attack.

    Farm for elixir and DE. So if you see a base with 100K gold and 500K elixir 5k DE, hit that. skip the 100K elixir 1k DE but 500k gold. Put all gold towards upgrading CC and walls. Save 1 builder for walls, emergency build and heroes. If you use gold on walls, you’ll be depleting your resources so you don’t get attack as much. Max out camps, spell factory, siege workshop, collectors, storage basically everything except defensive buildings. Max out barbarian so you can use super barb. They are way more useful than super goblins. It costs 25k DE but you make that back pretty quick. You’ll be able to unrush much quicker farming with them than other troops. They don’t require heroes, spells, cc troops, or at times even a full army of them if you know how to use them and depends on the base. They cook fast so when you’re boosting, you get more bang for your buck.

    You’d want to be around champ3-crystal 1. that’s where all the dead bases for th13s are. or crystal for dead th12. Farm smart by using super barb by only releasing 1 or 2 when you see full collectors or storage on the outside of the base. You’ll end up using like 15 super barb for 500k gold/elixir 5k DE without needing heroes, cc troops, siege machines or spells. If you find a base with collectors on the inside super barb can attack those bases as well these will require heroes, spells etc… Max super barb can take out active early th12. So dead rush 13 or max th12 wouldn’t be a problem. You can release funnel and release them in to the inside of the base and they’ll wreck the base. Super gobs can’t do that. Gobs will only go after the townhall.

    Super gobs are very good for DE farming. Because they’re so focus on loot, you can steer them to townhall, DE storage with spells and funnels since those things are usually located in the middle of the base. You can even go after active bases too.

    Try to keep your heroes and lab upgrading, especially lab. upgrading troops take a long time. Try to get get the RC to 5 first to get the ability unlock. Usually queen is prioritize over all other heroes so keep that in mind.

  5. Your first goal should be to upgrade your barbs, archers and camps. Once those are done, you won’t have any farming disadvantage. Max your collectors. Then start working on the rest of the base. Keep your lab going all the time. Loot/builder time priority should be something like this: DE heroes > lab > warden > defenses. And when it comes to defenses, you should obviously start with the least leveled ones.

  6. Dragon or two with heals on the artillery and TH. baby dragons on the mines and elixir collectors. Send my queen and king in with heals on the aerial defences and wizards. By this point baby drags should have taken out the cannons, and we just need a couple more heal spells to help everyone get around the map and destroy everything.

    Edit ignore my dumbass

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