Pro's Break the New Meta in Clash of Clans!

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Clash of Clans Logic

Today we gonna take a look at some of the most ridiculous things in Clash of Clans. This is Clash of Clans Logic. We gonna take a break from epic duel and try something new, fresh and of course fun. I’ll accompany you in walk and enjoy every piece of Clash of Clans from the most trivial things to not… Read More

10 Tips & Tricks in 150 Seconds – Clash of Clans Edition

10 Tips in 150 Seconds – Clash of Clans Edition | World of Clash Subscribe for more content and hit that bell 🙂 https://bit.ly/3eejpYA I bet you 100,000 gems you haven’t seen this video yet! https://bit.ly/2TAEPHu Red Magic 5S Pre-order from August 26th: https://redmagic.gg/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=WorldofClash&utm_campaign=GamerCampaign The new generation of Red Magic could meet all your needs: · 144Hz: refresh rate 6.65″… Read More

BEST Army, BEST League, MASSIVE Loot! (Clash of Clans)

BEST Army, BEST League, MASSIVE Loot! (Clash of Clans) No Cash Clash of Clans (CoC) Episode #157 with Galadon! Live streaming: FB.GG/RealGaladonGaming Sunday-Friday at 7pm Pacific time! #ClashofClans #TownHall11 #Galadon #NoCashClash Don’t forget to check out the Clash of Clans ‘strange but true’ series – some of the oddest, rarest things in Clash of Clans- and more than a few… Read More