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2 Thoughts to “[STRATEGY] Common war and legend league base. Easy triple with Yetismash.”

  1. annon1342

    This is my clanmates attack. I think the a super wallbreaker is enough to get access inside the wall. 2 more freezes or invisible spells can be taken instead of the jump. And an early blimp, right when the troops are about to go inside the wall, would be better.

  2. TrampleDamage

    Keep in mind, viewers, that the warden needs to get behind the army once he completes his side of the funnel. You see that he slides behind the yetis because they are placed inside the range of his aura. If you put the other troops far away, he won’t support them. You can also see how the healers move from the warden to the other troops. Very important!!! Nice attack.

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