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Hopefully an interesting talking point, what makes the clan you choose to be in your home? The place you stay and think yep, these guys and gals are pretty damn cool!

For me, what makes a clan is somewhere you can just sit in an evening and unwind after a long day at work (or school for the younger crowd!) and chat to friends and play. The social aspect is something I really enjoy. The wars, CWL and Clan Games I guess are just a bonus. The people make it for me.

So what do you love about clan you call home?

As per the rules please don’t mention your clan as I guess that can be seen as promotion. Cheers and a good day to all!

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  1. Clan wars, clan wars and more clan wars. One of the best features in the game, imo. Really addicting once you get the feel of it.

    I know that this is probably not the answer that you expected, but that’s how it works for me lol. Reddit is the clan chat for me.

  2. The friends man…playing clash BUT talkin to friends on topics TOTALLY not related to clash is fun…and when you dont care about the topic they speak, just ask them to friendly challenge, do attacks, loot etc

  3. i joined as a fresh th8. i was really shit at attacking. the clan was full (48 to 50) of people ranging from th5 to th10. donations were quick and wars were daily. what sold me on the clan was that i did not get kicked for sucking. i was awful and they kept putting me in wars. they didn’t just put me in wars they encouraged me to try different attacks and the critiques weren’t mean spirited. the leadership wanted people to improve so we could beat their rivals. if it wasn’t for them i may have stopped playing because my attacking was shitty but i got better and after a few months i eventually made elder.

    it helped that back then the leader would have a monthly trivia game and anyone could win $5 to $10 itunes cards. the first real money i ever spent on my account came out of my leader’s pocket.

    I was there for their 100th win i was there when clan levels were introduced. if the shitty recruitment system doesn’t kill us I’ll be around until supercell calls it quits.

  4. I love the social aspect of it. I joined a clan after a several year break when I started playing again during the first lockdown, made some really good friends on there! I dont mind clan wars, league and clan games, but I hate it when people take it too seriously. We recently merged with another much more serious clan and its a totally different vibe but the original people i connected with are why I stay

  5. The clan I’m in is almost like a dad caring for his 47 kids. The leader is in Champ III and the rest of us range from Bronze III – Gold II, so the leader is always sharing tips and tricks and donating some nice troops. Plus, everyone’s super friendly and pretty laid back 🙂

  6. Donators! My clanmates underestimated the fact that most of us were TH10 when we started (I was TH9). There were only a few TH11 who could donate max edrags and bowlers, and no TH12 who could donate siege machines. Those days we’re really the hardest part of our journey. I remember that time during CWL when our TH10s and TH11 were forced to attack without siege machines because no TH12 was there to donate. We eventually became stable after 3 months as we started to recruit TH12 and TH13 into our clan who actually stayed for good. Majority of us also had to strategically rush our base to become stronger together and it was very worth it. Half of our clan now have 10k minimum donations. All of these things were done because of loyalty and teamwork.

    Lastly, it was actually the bond that made me stay. When I was in TH9 I met a lot of clans with active donators and I was actually considering on hopping to those clans because getting stronger would be a breeze. I just couldn’t because while other clans had donators, I had a family in here who are extremely fun and felt like an extended family. We would talk a lot about what’s happening irl and stuff and even joke with each other

  7. Hmm that’s a good one.

    For me I think a clan where the players chat responsibly and like mature adults is a big green flag in itself.

    Add to that they consider the game as it is and know everyone has a life/work/school outside of it and it gets so much better. Though obviously a clan chat bubbling with life and clan games completed on time are cool perks as well!

    And obviously I play the game to chill out and relax and that’s what I would expect from my clan mates as well.

    This is about it I guess. Level or league or whatever doesn’t really matter much to me.

  8. the only thing that makes me stay in my clan is that they don’t bother me because i only attack in CWL’s (so i only attend cwl wars) because im just grinding the game and heroes like a madman and don’t really like stopping my grind to fill in a normal war. I do a really good job in CWL tho top 3 star earner!, they also don’t mind me not donating a lot (they donate a LOT like 2-4k donations) while i just barely get like 1k donations because i just donate whats avaliable to me in my comps.

    Long story short: i make my job as a clan member and they don’t bother me to do more than what i already think is enough to be in the clan.

  9. Clan games, clan war league for the tokens and 35 extra troops (plus 2 levels) with a siege machine for every attack.

  10. Donations, cwl, level 10+ and if it allows my two main minis to be in. I run too many accounts to care of the social aspect, sadly

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