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6 Thoughts to “[ASK] How do I win this? Im TH5 vs a TH7 :/”

  1. II-James-II

    Although this base looks a lot rushed, I think you will have a hard time attacking this if you are TH5.

    My best bet is to go with all balloons and use the lightning spell to take out the air defense.

    (Take my opinion with a grain of salt, I am a noob at attacking.)

  2. M3_Gaming

    Nope, can’t think of any way you would be able to 3-star it.

  3. 00BartvdG

    Lightning the mortar, hog cc, giants and archers

  4. Kicker_Tanker

    Throw down a couple wiz down at bottom to get alot of score for one star. One they start getting attack by the wizard tower, put down a giant or two at a time to distract them, and put alot more wizards down. Keep all of the defences distracted with the giants by slowly letting the giants on the field

  5. litchungus

    Lure and kill cc with archers and wizards; GiWiz the rest of your base and heal giants as you go. High level hogs or loons in cc or even giants.

  6. Lost2118

    Lightning the ADs. Get cc loons. Take around 25 archers. The rest loons. Put cc loons close to the archer towers. Sprinkle your loons on the wizard tower until it goes down. But before all this lure the cc with archers and take it out. Easy win.

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