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  1. I would take it in stages but use hogs or balloons as main army composition. Your king could take out enemy queen, a wizard can get the eagle. An ice golem for the inferno tower by the cc should allow you to draw the cc, poison it, kill with your own queen and a small kill squad.

    Then, hogs or lalo.

    If you don’t have a lot of experience with hogs or lalo, I can provide a few tips on how to approach.

  2. What do you like to use? If you like Pekka smash you can use you king, seige barracks and wall break to take out the 9oclock compartment, then use a baby dragon or pekka to funnel at 12oclock and send your pekka and bowlers through 10:30 with a jump into the town hall. To clear the backend you could bring bat spells since those are ground xbows on the back.

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