[IDEAS] Make your own hero!

Make your own hero!

This is entirely for fun so not to be taken seriously

But recently I’ve realized that we haven’t gotten a hero yet that isn’t human so I thought of various heroes that aren’t human and possible abilities! I thought it would be fun to bounce ideas around here on the subreddit mainly for fun because I thought it would be cool to share ideas

This is not a serious hero request just for fun so before you throw at me how my idea is absolutely broken or something chill out

Anyway my idea is for a dragon themed hero preferably an actual dragon but a dragon born would be kinda cool like a half dragon half human character

His ability would be to heal a bit and summon 2 drags as well as breathing fire in an area around em Prolly the size of rage spell but a bit smaller it would do max prolly 1-2k damage as well as setting anything in the range on fire like a debuff I call the ability


anyone got any ideas? Also think about it if it were to actually be in the game so don’t be silly like 1 million damage or healing or something. 🙂

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5 Thoughts to “[IDEAS] Make your own hero!”

  1. Kcquarentine

    Apothecary Angel

    This is a flying hero who does no damage.

    She acts as a support troop for the troops below. Her power up is the ability to summon and use any spell of your choice.

    She is able to be attached to either a hero or a group of troops and enhance them with subtle spell related powers of the attackers choice (rage, heal, jump, etc but only for that hero or small group of troops)

    She also cannot be killed, and doesn’t count as someone who needs to be killed for the round to be over

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  3. ByWillAlone

    Goblin Lord

    We already have a tank (BK), a shooter (AQ), a troop chaperone (GW), and defense targeting (RC). What we need now is Goblin Lord (GL).

    Goblin Lord works like a goblin but will have target preference of town hall, then other resource buildings, then any other buildings. In raiding, this would be a looting champion, but in war it would be used to help take down the town hall (an increasingly important early objective for any war attack). This will be especially useful for those anti-2star triple ring bases that are now so common in CWL. Goblin Lord (like goblins) does extra damage to resource buildings (including town hall). Unlike regular goblins, he can step over walls, and his special ability is some number of seconds of area invisibility for himself, surrounding friendly troops, and the handful of super-goblins he spawns on ability use. Unlike invisibility spell, Goblin Lord’s invisibility ability does not also make enemy defenses invisible to the nearby friendly troops. He’s not super-tanky, so wouldn’t be able to waltz through a well-defended base and take down a town hall solo without some assistance.

  4. TheTagOfHash_

    Love the concept of this post! My new hero is the Battle Healer (from clash royale). Whenever she deals damage, it heals troops around her for that amount. (Ex she deals 100 damage to a building all troops around her heal by 100).

    Her attacks are unique because they don’t have a fixed rate of damage. Instead, she deals a percentage of a building’s health. This means she is useless by herself and is a support troops. Each level increases the percentage of damage she does. (Ex she attacks a building with 1000 health. Her current attack percentage is 50%. First attack deals 500 health, leaving 500. Her second attack will deal 250. If a building has 1 health, she deals 0 damage).

    Her ability “charges” her next shots to heal troops around her for double her damage. Each level for her ability increases the number of charges. Ex, she might deal 200 damage with a shot. She then heals 400 health.

    (She is a flying troop)

  5. Yant0s

    Santa… Hits buildings with his sack. Special is he immediately jumps at the townhall /slides down it’s chimney and starts attacking hit.

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