I came back to the game after forever and I don’t know if I’m doing anything efficiently. I’m on TH8 and I was wondering how I should prioritize upgrading things, like if I should upgrade resources first or cannons first. Can any of you help me out?

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  1. Upgrade all collectors first as they are the only way to get free loot and they are quick and cheap. Next, work on your Air Defenses because of everyone at your level uses all dragons. Speaking of, use all dragons and lightning spells, use the lightning to destroy 2/3 air defense and then spam dragons for an easy win every time. That being said, make sure you upgrade your dragons and lightning spells in the laboratory if you haven’t maxed them out yet.

    After your air defenses are upgraded, I would make sure to max out my barbarian king for offense and then worry about Hidden Teslas / Wizard towers next. Hope this helps

  2. I recommend upgrading archer towers first (because it targets ground and air), then wizard towers -> Mortars -> Air defense. After upgrading all defenses you can start upgrading cannons. On the laboratory i recommend upgrading Rage spell, Balloons, and dragons. After that you can use balloons and drags as an attack strategy. It requires little to no skill at all. Just spam the balloons on the right spot and drop the rage spells at the right time and at the right place. Also keep in mind to never drop your loons on the side where the air sweeper is directed, drop the loons to the opposite side of the air sweeper. Air sweeper, wizard towers and air defense are your main target. So try attacking where you could quickly obliterate those defenses.

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