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5 Thoughts to “[Strategy] Is this a good defense? Give me tips.”

  1. SawyerTheLawyer04

    Yep, only fully max out your base at every th up until th 9, then strategic rush

  2. SawyerTheLawyer04

    Yeah I guess but I can’t really help you because your a th 5, you don’t have many defenses but one thing to know is get in a clan and keep your clan castle in your base

  3. BoxySilver34

    Don’t rush

  4. CNELZ39

    Don’t rush man. Your walls are a little rushed make sure to max them out before going to th7

  5. Tinycell_

    If we’re to attack this I would put a bunch of giants to take out the air defense And the archer tower and use another giant to tank bottom archer tower and 2 balloons to just clean up, so maybe try air targeting troops in cc

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