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38 Thoughts to “[STRATEGY] How to beat the Epic Winter Challenge”

  1. yavioss

    King be like-: Wtf is this old man doing!??

  2. rawezh5515

    i was able to get 3 stars, and still don’t know how

  3. malayalipuliyada

    Thank you so much 💓

  4. gaetano_93

    Very helpful, thanks a lot 🥰

  5. _nadari

    I had that super wierd dream one night where supercell removed dark elixir. It felt super strange and the game was unplayable then

  6. JarrydP

    Why did I watch this with the sound on? Can’t fix stupid.

  7. Detroit-Funk

    Took me a few tries but I got it coming in from the bottom like OP.

    Something different. Was fun. Glad they did this.


    I can’t beat this mother fucker man

  9. b_ratchet4

    This challenge is absolutely ridiculous. There’s nothing “easy” about this 😂

  10. Midnightborn

    Did the same attack but i placed the royal champion on the xbows side with an ice hound to tank for her and it ended up pretty well (despite some mistakes i swagged queen ability and two freezes)

  11. ClockedflyYT

    Thank you so much

  12. ClockedflyYT

    Not all heros wear capes

  13. herobrine777

    I tried this and i got it wrong but i somehow got it right and got a 100% on this base.

  14. b_ratchet4

    I followed your video and got it!!!! Thanks!! I was able to move my Christmas tree with the rest from previous years. It was the ONE time I actually wanted the shovel.

  15. b_ratchet4

    I have three accounts and this worked perfect on all 3. Thanks again!

  16. AlwaysSkepticalOo

    This was pretty cool. I hope they have more challenges like this one.

  17. TestFlightBeta

    Can you redo it if you don’t win? Can you redo it if you win?

  18. Zealousideal_Side856


  19. Flamelordz208

    So we should get 3 stars by only using ice troops?

  20. alexbikram

    Thank s man

  21. ProbablySomeWeebo

    I just spammed and prayed. It worked

  22. Aneithan

    They fixed the king lol

  23. Oduffy77

    What th do u have to be to do it

  24. nikolafsociety

    Will there be another base in next 9 days or we have just this base?

  25. Roadripper1995

    Thanks, I got it after a few tries!

  26. CivilanGaming

    Just noticed that the campfire is a little placeable obstacle like builder base

  27. kotepikabea


  28. Baby_Thanos2

    I’m a th9 and managed to do it on all three of my accounts(2 9s, 1, 7) in ten minutes. my strategy was completely opposite of yours as I started on the top side and finished at the bottom.

  29. TheGreaterNord

    Not until I read these comments did I realize it is a pre made base. All you had to do was click attack.. I was trying to figure out the requirements and stuff. I’m dumb.

  30. featus-deletus-eatus

    You could also go four ice golems on top, Santa the eagle first obviously, the on ice hound warden queen and king in the small pocket, with royal champion on the top box


    I did that except I didn’t kill the enemy king, just his square

  32. Zealousideal_Side856


  33. gushybaba

    It was easy I completed in 3 attempts lol

  34. NikplaysgamesYT

    Where in game is this? I don’t see it anywhere

    Edit: scroll down in the events tab

  35. xsoluteOP

    So sad, only player with the scenery can complete that challenge

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