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8 Thoughts to “new winter castle scenery & offer leaked”

  1. shitipost

    Very nice. Wonder what it’ll cost

  2. Whistler_V6T

    I need it 😭

  3. KerzeRev

    i love the giant barbarian king statue in the water

  4. Buckleal

    i like it but supercell has already been in my pockets a lot this year.


    I love that!

  6. Shit_For_Sell

    I want it too

  7. PenguinsnDumplings

    looks nice, but I hate how they always add resources as if that adds anything or justifies the price. I’d rather have it cost less and not give me the resources, which are completely useless

  8. Grey_Wolf1

    Tbh it really doesn’t fit. Maybe if the grass was the same color as in builder base, but snowy land going straight to regular grass is.. weird.

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