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6 Thoughts to “New event/game mode?”

  1. Terraquium

    no way!!!!!! That is what I always wanted!!!!
    I am happy now!!

  2. nologame

    Is this just the “clan tournament” that append every seasons when the top 3 clans of the world win free gems ?

  3. Typical2019

    Its just the clans with higest trophies thingy

  4. Rory-y

    I really hope this comes something, I’d love another game mode/event to grind through

  5. sabiuddin

    Bruh. These leaks are making me anxious. I’m so excited, if it’s true

  6. det1rac

    It would be nice to have an in game tournament event page sign ups etc with prizes much like what clan games is doing.

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