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  1. I’m fearing that if someone does that to me, I would accidentally tap one of them and all of them just dissapear.

  2. Unpopular opinion, I do not understand allure of these decorations. Maybe I’m a scrooge, or maybe im a bot since I can never solve Captchas

  3. I always load up a lot of those Spells and send people Presents 😀

    One day someone will do that for me too and its not just my Christmas presents from one of the Christmas trees that spawned them

  4. Dö they stay on your base as long as you don’t accidentally press on them? Does it work with friendly challenges? Thanks in advance

  5. Most people that attack me are Asians that don’t understand western coc culture, so this won’t happen to me unfortunately.

  6. So I wasn’t playing Clash last time this came around – I’m pretty new. So if you use a Santa spell on a Christmas tree the presents will stay under it? That’s amazing.

    And how strong is the spell compared to say a quake or lightning?

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