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19 Thoughts to “[MISC] Tis the time of the year again πŸŽπŸŽ„πŸŽ :D”

  1. Gooose_Boi

    I’m fearing that if someone does that to me, I would accidentally tap one of them and all of them just dissapear.

  2. det1rac

    I have been dropping trophies doing it.

  3. Mothra69696969

    Still have my presents from the christmas trees that spawned in 2014

  4. Mithrandir__

    Yes please ahahah

  5. End-warrior

    I have doing this all day but sadly no one has done it for me:(

  6. The_Reaper_956

    What are santa spells… I’m kind of a new player I started playing October 2020…

  7. Ash-Stark

    I’ll do my part πŸ™‚

  8. pl0p130

    Unpopular opinion, I do not understand allure of these decorations. Maybe I’m a scrooge, or maybe im a bot since I can never solve Captchas

  9. Sound_Fish

    I already started

  10. MaxIWantThisName

    I always load up a lot of those Spells and send people Presents πŸ˜€

    One day someone will do that for me too and its not just my Christmas presents from one of the Christmas trees that spawned them

  11. H3adown

    DΓΆ they stay on your base as long as you don’t accidentally press on them? Does it work with friendly challenges? Thanks in advance

  12. py234567

    Oh boy here I go trophy dropping again

  13. Vermillion-_-

    I will never get a present in Clash of clans. Tried vey hard laat years but still…

  14. Jakethecake010

    Most people that attack me are Asians that don’t understand western coc culture, so this won’t happen to me unfortunately.

  15. MrSevastos

    Im on gold league, everthing is dead bases, i can go a week without being raided once, not kidding

  16. Mad_Ares

    Yup. I’m carrying 5 with me every raid with sneaky gobs, since they don’t really need spells..

  17. malicronis

    oh yes i didnt think of that. thanks for the idea

  18. bliffer

    So I wasn’t playing Clash last time this came around – I’m pretty new. So if you use a Santa spell on a Christmas tree the presents will stay under it? That’s amazing.

    And how strong is the spell compared to say a quake or lightning?

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