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7 Thoughts to “[Misc] There is a cave behind trader”

  1. thegowda

    Actually there is a path in every scenery

  2. a_random_muffin

    Well they have to put a path of some sort there, since it *supposedly* is how clan troops move between villages

  3. cheeseynoodles1

    There’s a 13 on the season pass

  4. Durialf

    Jesus wtf how did you find that?

  5. Zutgu989

    Thats the trail where your donated troops go to die

  6. CivilanGaming

    This is where the yeti came from

  7. Psycho_Blade3000

    Iā€™m looking at the fact that you have 6 buildersšŸ˜‚

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