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8 Thoughts to “Love the new scenery😍 [MISC]”

  1. mr_whoisGAMER

    How you guys fit full base layout in screenshots? In my phone, max zoom out cuts top and bottom corner.

  2. bhayward241

    Would be nicer if whole base was snowy, looks nice but the swap to green ruins it

  3. WinterStarlightZone

    New scenery is really looking nice. Are you engineering this base?

  4. Raja1uee

    These sceneries are very nice. I liked literally every scenery so far.

  5. Al-khalid

    14 comments no upvotes man I will not do that at least

  6. R2Scardboard

    I do like the scenery glad you shared this so I can see full view

  7. reddithero666

    Rushey rushing

  8. Conorrocks12

    Terribly rushed

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