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[IDEA] Barbarian King – The Divine King concept – Supercell Make Campaign

[IDEA] Barbarian King – The Divine King concept – Supercell Make Campaign

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  1. Eric_Imperial

    Hello people!
    Me and my friend joined forces once again to participate in this new campaign for Clash of Clans and this is our first idea for a Barbarian King skin, the Divine King of the Lightfeather Clan. Tell us your thoughts in the comments and JOIN OUR CLAN!!!


  2. ElRafaelGod

    Looks so cool ^^. Good luck in the campaign ^^

  3. freddieeeeeeeeee

    Bloody hell, that looks good. Good luck!

  4. aaryan_suthar

    Bruh this is genuinely well done!

  5. Visible_Elevator192

    Absolute amazing! If u have some time, can u do like Egyptian heroes or Medieval Heroes (Jus a Suggest)

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