Looks like with the introduction of a new potion that they have changed the trader cycle. Currently it has a 39 day cycle it rotates through. I use this to keep track of which items are available on which day across my many accounts. This is the old cycle. Checking all my accounts today none of them correspond to the items they should have.

Key for these are T (Training potion), (F) – the free potion, P (Power Potion), Bo… Book of B (Building), F (Fighting), H (Hero), S (Spell). Ro….Rune of BG (Builder Gold), BE (Builder Elixir), D (Dark), E (Elixir), G (Gold),.R (Resource Pot), C (Clock Tower), Sh (Shovel), W (Wall), Re (Research). This is the old 39 day cycle. Not sure what the new one is and wondering if anyone here knows what it is.


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