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20 Thoughts to “[Humor] ok thx for telling us”

  1. Niko_BananaMan

    that looks like something i would do

  2. Mariowasblack


  3. KingKongs_Left_Nut

    I think imma try that send in some of my clan members to infiltrate there clan

  4. AstroStates

    Once someone did that to my clan and this dude is rushed bad, we roasted his base until he left and we beat them by a lot of stars.

  5. jnbarnes14

    Well not anymore now that he left

  6. Veauxx

    All your base are belong to us

  7. guessjeanssam

    This is literally the same as my username

  8. salmanpeerzade123

    Now he don’t

  9. bumper69420

    Why would you accept a join request during a war though?

  10. lordchinchin504

    username checks out

  11. FortniteKevin

    Not anymore

  12. I_am_1E27

    oh no a silver 2

  13. NikplaysgamesYT

    I’m pretty sure you guys got scouted lol

  14. jewboyfresh

    He probably scouted your bases for their trap placement and CC layouts gg

  15. Notakid11

    i have 8 accounts but two of the clans i have accounts in close the clan during war to stop this

  16. Shinichi-Migi

    Probably did it to get screenshots of your bases to see where the traps are

  17. dhaval_barai


  18. DZunny

    Someone invited me to their clan while I was in a better clan so I joined and told him he’s rude and shouldn’t do that and left. Do people actually invite others while they’re already in a clan?

  19. JuicyMemesMLG

    A silver 2 clan leader? Pffff probably got karma.

  20. EdZeppelin94

    Yeah it’s fun and games til they take screenshots of your war bases and share them with the clan so all your trap and Tesla positions get rumbled.

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