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15 Thoughts to “[HUMOR] Hog riders next to a dead hog poor hog lol”

  1. RayCow

    *See Jerry? This is what happens if you try and retreat.*

  2. NoLongerUsableName

    This is what happens to the hogs that fail to jump over the hurdles in the training barracks.

  3. ThatEngineerMain

    I see now why they look angry

  4. Visible_Elevator192

    I miss these army camps 🙁

  5. Arsenic_Kills

    oh no! anyway

  6. R6S-rules-976

    They look pissed

  7. Darth_Mass

    *tearfully smiles*

  8. Sir_BusinessNinja


  9. memelord793783

    Chief: Ride or else

  10. BallOther

    1000th upvote

  11. viperspoison

    Their open mouths make it even better

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