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  1. It gets annoying even when you know they are gonna win. It’s like “Game, I already know he is gonna win! Stop having the audacity to make me engage in spectating said player and let me start up another attack!

  2. I really wish you could see your opponent’s percentage. Like if my opponent gets 100% and I don’t have a chance, I’ll let them have the win. If they have 30% and I’m already at 50%, I’ll end it so I don’t waste time.

  3. Why the hell is time victory a thing I swear to god I rage so hard when I have to fight a rushed bh two levels higher than mine and somehow manage to 3 star them but they 3 me like 8 seconds before and I still lose.

  4. I made a base that’s incredibly easy to 3 star but it takes like 2 minutes to beat. It’s a strat I’ve never seen anyone use before but seems good cuz I win consistently with the time tie breakers.

  5. I don’t understand why they don’t just end the battle when someone gets a 100%, such a waste of time either way

  6. When you have to wait for that one zeal wrecker to destroy all your walls to eventually die minutes after the actual attack

  7. .. And you wonder why it takes so much time for them to be done – go and watch their attack and they use mass sneaky archers. ??‍♂️

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