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29 Thoughts to “[HUMOR] Cant wait to grab my loot.”

  1. AntusFireNova64

    Or when you did like 30% and waiting for your opponent to win

  2. loud_box_01

    Worst feeling is when u get 100% but the opponent beat you to it

  3. IggyKoopa05

    It gets annoying even when you know they are gonna win. It’s like “Game, I already know he is gonna win! Stop having the audacity to make me engage in spectating said player and let me start up another attack!

  4. attemptnumber58

    ANd realise they got 100% 1 second faster than you did

  5. Tinycell_

    And then he gets a 100% but 2 seconds faster

  6. 6GiveMeHugs9

    When you already came and she still suckin

  7. the_real_sreyan

    You can still lose by time you know ? That’s honestly one of the worst feelings ever.

  8. TestFlightBeta

    I really wish you could see your opponent’s percentage. Like if my opponent gets 100% and I don’t have a chance, I’ll let them have the win. If they have 30% and I’m already at 50%, I’ll end it so I don’t waste time.

  9. gushybaba

    Plot twist you lose by time 😭😭

  10. Jakethecake010

    It even funnier when they’re taking 7 minutes spamming their archers

  11. OMGavade

    yeah 100% finished first then waiting later he wins by 1sec deference

  12. Tmjon

    This once happened to me and I still lost!

    I was SOO shocked and it took me a while to realize how it was possible

  13. rctrfinnerd

    Omg the stupid people who send ONE. ARCHER. AT. A. TIME. They drive me nuts lmao

  14. orange_dust

    Why the hell is time victory a thing I swear to god I rage so hard when I have to fight a rushed bh two levels higher than mine and somehow manage to 3 star them but they 3 me like 8 seconds before and I still lose.

  15. nxt_ruby

    They get 101% 🤯

  16. HiPi314

    I made a base that’s incredibly easy to 3 star but it takes like 2 minutes to beat. It’s a strat I’ve never seen anyone use before but seems good cuz I win consistently with the time tie breakers.

  17. jerryvandyne90

    then loses because of time

  18. Correct_Incident_537

    Ha ha ha true

  19. gxfirecat2211

    I don’t understand why they don’t just end the battle when someone gets a 100%, such a waste of time either way

  20. xlhans77

    And then you lose because of 1 second

  21. hecken_chonker_69420

    And then it comes back 100% and you rage quit and spiral down a path of deep depression

  22. beefycthu

    When you have to wait for that one zeal wrecker to destroy all your walls to eventually die minutes after the actual attack

  23. HuecoTanks

    Until they 100% back, then you both have to roll again… *sigh*

  24. TommyBoycom

    alternate topic how bout a version of super pekka as a super troop??? idk I liked global

  25. BrandBrandPowers

    Being a max bh9 is difficult

  26. H3adown

    .. And you wonder why it takes so much time for them to be done – go and watch their attack and they use mass sneaky archers. 🤦🏼‍♂️

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