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  1. – After you get the prerequisite gems from reaching trophy milestones in your achievements, trophies mean **absolutely nothing** in Clash of Clans until you reach the endgame (which will be many years). Each TH level has a good “zone” for farming which will help you gain resources fast, and upgrade quicker while still enjoying your TH level and range.

    – Find a supportive clan as soon as you are able at TH3 (or 2 if you bought a pack). Preferably lv10+. Lots of clans are more than happy to take in new players and help them grow as a player. Don’t be one of those people who thinks they need to start their own clan, because unless you have a bunch of in life friends to join you at high TH levels, you are not going to get far.

    – Regardless of what **anyone** tells you, there is no one right way to play CoC. This game is great because it offers you a plethora of ways to play which suits your play style. Even on this post I guarantee you’ll see conflicting information on the best way to do this or that… simply try whatever you think looks fun *for you* and look for others who share that same attitude, or at the very least accept it. Games are meant to be fun. So do what works for you to get that enjoyment.

  2. Focus on maxing both heroes as soon as you upgrade to th9. 2 builders should always be busy on them. The grind is terrible and if you let them fall behind, they’ll almost always be behind as you move up th levels unless you’re okay having full gold and elixir storage’s for a couple weeks

  3. Its definitely worth it to start working towards O.T.T.O. as early as you can unlock the boat to builder base (TH4). OTTO is commonly called the 6th builder since its the only way to obtain more than the 5 available for gem purchase. It will take about 5-6 months of daily attacks and focused progression to unlock OTTO, but if you start asap, you’ll likely be able to using him right as you begin TH10. Having that extra builder for the top 4 town halls (10-13) is going to knock a HUGE chunk of time off your overall journey.

  4. If you have enough spare time, make a donation account for donating to your main account. A donation account is where you rush up to th13 so that you can donate siege machines and/or high level troops. This will get rid of waiting times for troops because you won’t have to wait for anyone else to train you troops because you’ll already have what you want trained and ready to donate to yourself

  5. I wish I knew about dead base farming sooner. Dead bases are ones where the owner hasn’t been online in a while, and their mines/elixir collectors/drills have gotten full. When you attack a base, you steal a much higher percentage of loot from the collectors than you do from storages. It pays to know how to look at a base and determine where the loot is. Its easier to tell a full storage from an empty one, but it can also be done on the collectors. Here are some image comparisons of full vs empty collectors.

    Using cheap and fast training armies like barch (barbarians and archers) is great if you know how to look for full collectors

  6. Rule #1: keep your lab going at all times.

    Seriously though. The labratory is the thing that takes the longest to max, and is the biggest limiting factor for total progression.

    Also some people rush, others max each townhall before going up. Both are wrong. Each town hall level has different attack strategies that build on eachother, go up once you’ve mastered those strategies and you’ll be fine.

  7. ALWAYS check your events tab for any discounts or even free goodies just for adding some random troops in your army. I’ve missed out on a few building books and nice potions back in the early days just for not adding 5 loons or something into easy 3* attacks.

  8. Don’t rush, did that on my first account and am now making it into a donation account

    Upgrade heroes ASAP, first thing you do when you get to a new townhall get those heroes up

    Don’t neglect walls/king they can get very tanky at higher levels, walls get 1500+ health towards higher levels and kings health adds up. Th10 to th11 it gets 1000+ hp

    Complete the goblin map, it’s free loot. Collectors are free loot too, almost 10k dark every 24 hours at max level. Wars are also free loot (if you attack, so attack!) Season pass and clan games are also free loot/magic items

  9. If you’d like to be a good attacker you have to practice. This means being in wars as much as possible and doing fcs as much as possible(there’s also fc clans if you can’t get fcs). On top of that try to minimize spam attacks below th7 it’s fine ,but th8+ you should try some non-spam attacks. For th8 and th9 you should try gohobo mostly to get a good feeling of hog pathing. Along with that you can start planning on bases see which way will be the best with your ks and where you can make a path. Also if you’re always using spam attacks it becomes increasingly difficult to use non-spam attacks at higher town halls without understanding the basics.

  10. Upgrade Priorities –

    When you move up to a new town hall level, you’ll want to first focus on offensive upgrades, especially with the new 5ish day boosts you receive. This means your first upgrades need to be :

    Lab – The boost only gives you max troops for your current lab level. If you can gem/book the lab done, you can use max troops for your new level for a few days. Research is also the longest component of most Town Hall levels beyond th4, get it going early and never let it stop.

    Army Camps

    Clan Castle

    Spell factories

    Barracks (to unlock new troops)


    You might need to upgrade storages at certain town hall levels in order to buy some of these upgrades, so consider that while planning, or try to time your upgrade to finish when you will receive your season bank loot, which will overflow your storage capacity and allow you to buy certain upgrades without upgrading storage buildings.

    New defenses/traps/walls are a secondary concern. They will obviously help you defend better but increasing your attacking power is more important initially. As soon as the offensive upgrades are complete you should finish storages and begin work on defenses.

    For lab order, some general advice would be to pick at least 1 farming army and 1 war army to focus on upgrading early. Beyond that its going to depend on how important war is to you as a individual and to your clan.

  11. Upgrade your walls, if you don’t do it will you can it is easy for Attackers and costs a lot of gold and elixir to upgrade

  12. UPGRADE EVERYTHING ELSE IN YOUR BASE BEFORE UPGRADING YOUR TOWN HALL. Clans that put lots of effort into winning clan wars won’t want to use in wars because your base will be destroyed easily, and when the time comes where you can’t upgrade your town hall anymore, upgrading everything will be no fun at all.

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