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26 Thoughts to “[ART] Merry Logmas!”

  1. DUFFMAN760

    Looks awesome 👏

  2. Midnightborn

    Nice! Surprised that a Supercell employee hasn’t replied yet


    Sick asf🔥

  4. flaggot-disliker

    That’s fucking sick, what are the spikes made out of?

  5. HargoJ

    That is a beaut

  6. WoodenSpoonGang

    That’s so awesome, Happy Logmas

  7. samgates2206

    Looks cool 🔥

  8. Da_reel_Cham_Lee

    I already seen this in r/clashroyale and scrolled back to know if this is repost and found out its both from you, well made 🙂

  9. LadyB_clash

    Nice work!!! I love seeing fellow clashers making their own logmas logs. 😍🥰

    Got tagged on this one on insta as well.

    [Logmas Log by olliekingdoms](

  10. Yant0s

    That’s pretty cool.

  11. Ps_alex275

    Thought that was a cake for a second, but nice job absolutely fire 🔥🔥

  12. fn-war-monger

    Nice job 😍😍😍

  13. Dunkjoe

    Try chopping a Christmas tree in front of it X)

  14. Terraquium

    That is dope man! I want mine!!!

  15. Terraquium

    That is dope man! I want mine!!!

  16. SpadeCity

    this is actually sick, nice dude

  17. Mexicake_

    I love this! 😀

  18. Jessabelle0810

    Love this so much !!!

  19. Defo_not_a_bot


  20. H3adown

    How do you manage to have the Log beside your Christmas tree? Rumor has it that the Log hates the tree and make short work of it so that it can be the only one standing, looking beautiful.

  21. fangirlsqueee


  22. Ok-Shopping-35

    Haha looks great!

  23. Spaceboy126lol

    Merry Logmas!

  24. BaWueBear

    This needs more attention


    I was wondering if supercell called it logmas cuz this year has been a piece of shit. Like a little log floating in a pool. Please don’t downvote me. Eversince the log tree was introduced I can’t help thinking it’s an upright piece of poo. Kinda like 2020. Peace and love

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