[GUIDE] An advance farming guide to fill you storages as fast as possible for every townhall

I have seen a lot of people not being able to farm resources fast and delaying builders and rushing walls, so I want to help them out. Also I could not find a very well detailed guide to sneaky goblins so after using them a lot, I have decided to write it myself.

I have written this guide based on my personal experience only.

This farming guide will answer some of these questions –
1. What army should I use ?
2. What league should I farm in ?
3. How do I maintain trophies to stay in the said league ?

First off all there are a few important concepts you should keep in mind when farming –

1. What is a dead base ? A dead base is a very valuable base to farmers. It is a base which has most of its loot sitting in gold mines, elixir collectors and dark elixir drills. The collectors have a window and will be visible to be full when the defender did not collect it’s loot. You will mostly farm from these bases. At higher townhalls some big defences like inferno, xbow, scattershot and eagle will not attack you in these deas bases.

2. Use armies that doesn’t require a lot a elixir to make as we want to maximize the resources we have at the end of a farming session.

3. This one is very important. A next will cost u around 1000 gold which means if u next for 50 times, you will lose only 50k gold. But u may find a dead base that gives u 1 Million gold. So please keep hitting next until you find the perfect base.

4. This is the extension of the previous point but in terms of time instead of gold. Think about how much does your army take to prepare. Let’s say it takes 20 minutes to prepare your full farming army, can you spend 5-10 minutes nexting to make those 20 minutes worth it ? So, if you are not finding a good dead base to loot, just don’t give up and keep hitting next.
Note : This is different when farming during a training potion. You will want to loot a base quicker here or you will lose training potion time.

5. Most people say it’s okay to drop a lot of trophies during a farming session and then get back up using a war or a pushing army. While this may be true if u don’t play a lot. But I think you are losing some loot by dropping to a wrong league and then using heavy elixir/DE armies to climb up. So I am going to help u maintain your league as much as I can.

Well let’s cover each of these topics for every townhall now –

A.) Townhalls 8 and below –

Just stick to barch for these townhalls. Half barbarians and half archers (take 4 more archers to snipe corner builder huts) 8-10 wall breakers. For spells you can bring 2 heal spells and a rage spell if u want.
Find a dead base and deploy a line of barbarians on all four side and then a line of archers behind them (also called 4 finger technique). Use wall-breakers to open up any walls if resources are behind them.
Your wins will mostly come from hitting 50% one stars. However this technique is not very good for taking a win. But the good news is that losses won’t matter at lower townhalls as loot is great at very low trophies too.

I recommend Silver 3 to Gold 1 for anyone in these townhalls for farming. If u need more dark u can try Gold league.

Sometimes when u have cooked two barch armies and if u don’t use all the troops in the first army then the troops from the next army can ruin your army composition. I would suggest making a preset of 5 barbs and 5 archers and keep hitting train on that preset. This way barbarians and archers will train in alternating groups of 5 and will mostly keep ur army composition in ballance.

B.) Townhalls 9 & 10 –

Townhall 9 is where u get access to the second best farming army in the game and this army will serve you well for townhall 9 to even townhall 13.
The army is all baby dragons. Good thing about this army is that only a single troop is required so you can use any number of baby dragons u want and will not ruin ur composition.
For spells you have two options here – Either bring all lightning spells or bring all freeze spells. I personally used the latter.

Simply keep deploying a few baby dragons directly near l collectors all around the base. Keep a distance of 5-6 tiles between baby dragons for their rage effect. You mostly won’t be using all of the baby dragons in a raid.

If u bring all light spells, u can zap the air defences and will always hit 50% 1 star and maintain ur trophies and those lighting spells will come handy when u need to zap some DE drills from inside the base.
If u bring all freeze spells you can save some elixir. I used freeze spells whenever a baby dragon was trying to hit a collector near an Air Defence. I would simply freeze the air defence and let the baby dragons near it loot the collectors.

I recommend Gold1 and Crystal 3 for townhall 9 and 10. I found the best loot there.

C.) Townhalls 11, 12 & 13 –

Townhall 11 is where u unlock sneaky goblins. IMO they are the best farming troops in this game and I would even pay 200k DE rental every week for them.
This army is extremely cheap. An army of all Sneaky Goblins would cost you around 40-50k Elixir only.
Also their one star potential is so high that you can actually climb to high champions league with just sneaky goblins (although it is not recommended for finding best loot)

I bring 12-16 wall breakers with all sneaky goblins. For spells you have many options –

1. All jump spells. (Heavy elixir based, I don’t recommend this)
2. All earthquake spells (I use EQ spell for it’s advantages that I will list below but mainly because I don’t want to waste time arranging my spell composition if I made more than 1 spell)
3. 8 EQ spells and 3 haste spell (If u really want to 1 star every base by destroying townhall even if it’s at the centre)
4. 8 EQ spell 1 Rage spell and 1 freeze spell ( This is basically perfect)

Now, a sneaky goblin attack has a few stages that I am going to explain step by step –

1. Acquiring outer loot –

Deploying 1 sneaky goblin per collector and 2-3 sneaky goblins per storage ( For SG lvl 8, u can deploy them by skipping 2-3 goblins for some collectors in the middle).

2. Wall breaker / jump spell time –

For sneaky goblins the only hurdle they face when looting every drop of the base is walls. If u don’t bring wall breakers then u can use some sneaky goblins to break walls near the loot but it takes quite a few of them even though they break walls surprisingly fast. Instead bringing wall breakers will help you out much more. If u have jump spells u can use those here instead.

3. Time to get 1 star –

This is the part where most of your spells come handy. If u have jump spells you can connect townhall to the outside deployment zone using least amount of jump spells.
If u are bringing all earthquake spells, you can use 4 earthquake spells to open up the walls to create a path to the townhall. Rarely u may need to use 8 EQ spells if too much walls and townhall is in centre. These earthquake spells can also do some damage to the townhall itself so it may need less sneaky goblins to break it. If you have haste spells then u can even break centred townhalls easily by placing haste in the path created by EQ spells. If u have rage spell u can use it to do the same but also help SG break townhall faster. Freeze spell is good when dealing with Th12 or Th13.
If getting the one star doesn’t matter to you then by all means don’t bring any spells and end battle.

Why I think Earthquake spell is better than jump spell ?

1. Can damage townhall
2. You farm so much Dark Elixir using this army that it can even overflow your DE storage and you would have nowhere to spend the DE so that DE can be used on spells while u save elixir which could be spent on walls atleast.
3. Even a lvl 1 EQ spell will open the wall permanently while jump spell needs atleast lvl 2-3 to be permanently active during townhall sniping phase.

Best farming league for me is Crystal 1 to Masters 2. And Masters 3 is the best overall for Townhall 11, 12 and 13. In masters 3 I can find 1 Million+ Gold and Elixir and 8-10k Dark Elixir easily.

Additional tips : You can use loot forecaster to check the time of the day when the most loot is available. It’s not something you should totally rely on but can be used to check if it’s a good time to apply a training potion. Also I am saying it again, the secret to big loot is the button NEXT.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this guide helped you in some way.

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  1. CongressmanCoolRick

    Super barbs with a handful of wbs are just as good at killing collectors and almost never require spells or cc siege to get to 50% 1 star or the town hall star so you don’t drop trophies quite as much. They also only train 3s slower than super gobs so it’s not even that big of a difference.

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