Secrets to Upgrade Your Base Fast (Clash of Clans)

How to Upgrade Your Base Fast in Clash of Clans! Judo Sloth Gaming explains all of the Secrets to Farming, Upgrade Strategies and Builder Management so that you can Upgrade Faster. Enjoy!

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Video Chapters:
0:00 Introduction
0:55 Upgrade Fast Topics
1:20 Buildings to Upgrade First
3:13 Farming Advice
3:42 Recommended Farm Army [up to TH8]
4:09 Barch Trick
4:42 Recommended Farm Armies [TH9+]
5:24 Recommended Farming Leagues
6:44 Farming Base Layout Links
7:25 Why Farming is Important to Upgrade Fast
7:43 Builder Management Intro
8:01 Unlock All 5 Builders
8:42 How to Unlock the 6th Builder
9:19 Keeping Motivated
10:01 Effective Builder Management
11:25 Upgrade Suggestions
12:13 Know When Your Upgrades Finish
13:30 Magic Item Use for Upgrading Fast
14:26 Builder Potion Explained
15:09 Best Items with Clan War League Medals
16:34 You Might Not Upgrade Walls
17:02 How to Avoid Burnout
18:11 Take Part in All Aspects of Clash
18:47 Complete Season Challenges
19:29 Gold Pass Tip
19:57 When You Should Rush Your Base

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