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7 Thoughts to “[ASK] Any VERY rushed town hall strats? How would you recover this account?”

  1. 4stGump

    You don’t need to restart if you don’t want to. Obviously if you want to recover this, it’ll be farming non-stop.

    The first thing to do is to get maxed out goblins. These will be your farm troop for the foreseeable ever. Once you max them out, buy super goblins and start farming with them. If you don’t have 5 builders, that’s ok, you’re going to leave 1 builder free for walls. The other builders will be for your heroes/buildings. Heroes will always be a priority but farming DE when you get to higher hero levels may be difficult in one shot over and over.

    The key things to upgrade are army camps, lab, CC. These things will help you farm better. Max them out ASAP if you haven’t. Beyond that, just upgrade defenses as they come and keep farming with super goblins.

  2. ClashRob

    How do you want to play?

    Do you want to be a Max Base guy?

    Good at war guy?

    The donations guy?

    There are different ways to go with what your goals are within the game.

    The negative from your base here is that ur only going to see TH10 – TH13 for looting.

    One positive is that u will find dead bases that u can loot no problem.

  3. itownshend17

    get your goblins to lvl 8 and make back to back sneaky gobs (my comp are 88 sneaky gobs and 8 wallbreakers, assuming you have max camps for th12) and buy the gold pass, it helps out tremendously

  4. oFitzroy321

    Upgrade goblins and then begin upgrading troops that you want to be able to donate. I’d do siege machines soon since those are really important

  5. DaBeast-666

    Farm elixir first with drags until you get baby drags, with them is easier to farm in gold league even having them lvl 1, just go for collectors

  6. pistons1990

    I have an account like that, but it’s at th13. I use edrag and loon and rage and freeze, didn’t take me too long to max those 4 things. To farm you can max goblins or barbarians and archers. If you don’t wanna max edrags and loons maybe u can try drag bat or some other cool attack. But for farming either all gobs or barch. Good luck!

  7. Gastrogan1234

    man, just restart honestly at that point lmfao

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