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[IDEAS] here are some of my update ideas some inspired by the internet

[IDEAS] here are some of my update ideas some inspired by the internet

[IDEA] these are my update ideas which I would like in the game


new troop: ice wizard ( units per army camp at lv 1: 2)
Stats at lv 1:
Hp: 170
Dmg per sec: 80
Dmg per attack: 120
Attack speed reduction to defense : 40%
Move speed reduction ( to guard post troops ) : 20%
Attack speed: 1.5 secs
Attack type: area splash ( 0.3 tiles )
Favourite target: defenses ( though he will attack guard post troops )
Move speed: 16

Special ability: freeze blast = upon death he will freeze surroundings for a certain amount of time , like ice golem
Freeze duration ( ability lv 1 )= 4 secs

New defense: ice wizard tower
Stats ( lv 1)
Hp: 600
Dmg per sec: 30
Attack type: area splash ( 0.7 tiles )
Attack speed: 2 secs
Attack rate reduction : 40%
Move speed reduction: 20%
Targets: air and ground
Range: 7 tiles

Home village content:

New gear ups for home village:

Air defense: requires air bombs to lv 6 and normal air defense to lv 7= it puts bombs instead of rockets, and decreases range to 7 tiles and attack speed reduced to 1.5 secs, but gains big splash damage ( 1.5 tiles)
This would really counter big hordes of balloons while decreasing in performance against tanks like the e dragon and the lava hound.

Wizard tower: requires Lv 9 wizard tower and lv 5 ice wizard tower= the wizards becomes an ice wizard and gains smaller splash damage ( 1 tile – 0.5 tiles ), as well as 15% less damage at all levels, but now freezes enemies that get hit.
This would decrease effectiveness against big swarms of barbs or archers but would counter high housing space troops and heroes.

Hidden Tesla: requires lv 7 mega Tesla and lv 10 regular Tesla = highly decreases attack speed ( 0.6 secs – 2.5 secs ), but gains chain damage that can hit up to 3/4 targets.
( these are all the original defenses that were present from the global launch)

New dark spell: revive spell ( requires th 11 )
It revives any troop dead on its radius
Revive housing space at lv 1: 15
Lv 5= 25
Housing space= 2/3 ( I am not sure )

New elixir spells:

Trap spell: ( unlocked at th 11 and gives 1 extra spell storage )
This spell reveals any hidden Tesla and deals damage to it, and sets off any trap in its radius.
Radius at lv 1: 8 tiles
Radius at lv 5: 10 tiles
Dmg to tesla’s at lv 1: 400
Dmg to Tesla’s at Lv 5: 600
Housing space: 0.5 ( which means that you brew it and you get 2 spells )

Immune spell: ( unlocked at th 12 and gives 1 extra spell storage)
This spell makes all units in its radius immune to damage for a short amount of time
Housing space: 2
Duration at lv 1: 4 secs
Lv 4: 6 secs
Radius: 4 tiles

New trap: ( th 9 )
Log trap. When activated it releases a log that pushes back any troop on its path and deals damage to them.
Dmg at lv 1: 200
Dmg at lv 5: 300
Activation range: 10 tiles
Log width: 4 tiles
Targets: ground
Range: 10 tiles
Damage type: area splash ( 4 tiles )
Pushback: farthest reach of the log ( 10 tiles ). This means that if they are near the edge if the activation range Tripp’s won’t be dragged far, but if they are near the trap position itself they will be dragged way more.

New siege machine at th 13:
It throws any unit that goes on it forward a few tiles , so if you place it near a wall it will throw them over walls, and before placing it you can set the distance it will throw troops.
( when there are no buildings outside the walls left, troop AI will consider it like a jump spell)

At lv 3:
Hp: 4500
Maximum throw range: 10 tiles
Optional: maximum capacity: 80
Before dying it will also throw CC troops.
( It will continues to throw troops until it is destroyed, or after it has thrown a certain amount of housing space, I am not sure )

Now there is new feature where you can disable the usage of CC troops from siege machines

New troop ( th 13 )
The sorcerer
He is a troop with high damage and low hp.
His main attack can hit multiple buildings and he has magical damaging orbs that levitate around him.
Upon death he will cast a random spell, which level depends on what you have researched on lab.
He hits the targeted building and 2 other rays come from the side of him, like this: ( though they would start from his body not from the side )
——— other building
S: ——— targeted building
——— other building

Hp: 1800
Dmg per attack: 900
Attack speed: 1.5 secs
Dmg per sec: 600
Range: 6 tiles
Move speed: 16
Favorite Target: any
Attack type: multiple targets ( 3 )
Targets: air and ground
Housing space: 20
Orb damage per sec: 100
Orb rotate speed: 1 sec
Orb radius: 6 tiles
Orb size: 2 tiles ( this means that of a building is attached to him they will it deal damage, but that won’t happen often as he has long range )

New super troops:
Magic wizard: his special ability ( heal aura )
heals any friendly troop by 30 hps , and has 9 tiles radius
Housing space: 9
Requires lv 9 wizard

Stats ( lv 9 ):
Hp: 350
Dmg per sec: 300
Dmg per attack: 450
Attack speed: 1.5 secs
Range: 4 tiles
Move speed: 16
Favourite target: none
Attack type: area splash ( 0.5 tiles )
Targets: air and ground

Super balloon
It is a bigger balloon that is dark black, and has 2 skeletons on rather than 1
Special ability: grapple
Its main attack will split in 3 smaller bombs that deal half of the damage, and go in a triangular shape around the place where the normal bomb landed.
Requires lv 8 balloon

Hp: 1500
Dmg per sec: 500
Dmg per attack: 1500
Attack speed: 3 secs
Number of targets: 4
Attack type: splash damage ( 1.2 tiles )
Targets: ground
Move speed: 10
Range: 0.5 tiles
Damage upon death: 700
Dmg on death radius: 2 tiles
Housing space: 10

Troop skins: I think that this is 100% coming especially because the champion king skin has custom barbs from his ability. I think we could have a golden dragon skin after we defeat the boss in dragon’s lair and we get it by getting the achievement.
It would gain flaming eyes at lv 4 and a flaming tail at lv 7 , just like regular dragons upgrade look.

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