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4 Thoughts to “[IDEA]New defense: the snow powder blower aka the snow canon”

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  2. Humyan_Oiych

    Shit – I thought I read “blow cannon” and I was all in!

  3. nologame

    This big boy golden snow canon will be unlocked at TH10. You will unlock a second one at TH12.

    This defense launches a flow of snow powder towards the enemy troops which pushes them back slightly, damages them slightly too, but above all it slows down the enemy’s attack rates for 4 seconds.

    The snow gun can be placed in eight different directions like the air sweeper.

    It has a range of 12 squares.

    By improving it you can increase its hit points, its damage, and the power of the slowing down of the cadence.

    You can choose to put it in “ground” or “air” mode.

    Here is a picture of a real snow gun that helped inspire me for the design:



    So what do you think of my idea ? Would you like to see it in the game? What change do you will make?

  4. Birdie_Mentle_Gen

    Nice idea. But I have a question, what happens if cc wiz/drag or inferno tower warms the attacking troops affected by the snow powder blower?

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