I have a max Town Hall 9 currently. Everything including walls are maxed. The ones left are my Barbarian King (Lvl 25) and Archer Queen (Lvl 28). My troops are also maxed. I have full Gold and Elixir storages (including CC). Dark storage isn’t full but I don’t think it will be a problem.

The game has become extremely boring for me at this point of time. And upgrading the King and Queen is the most exhausting task in the entire game.

So should I upgrade my Town Hall now? Or should I max my King and Queen first as well as fill fully my Dark Elixir storage, then upgrade my Town Hall?

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  1. You probably could upgrade I voted max just cause I like maxing everything before going up townhall lvls but totally up to you

  2. Upgrade it now!

    Some will say not to rush your heroes, but yours are absolutely not rushed and near their max level. At TH 10, you can still upgrade them later (and probably easier, as you’ll get more tools to get DE). The rest of your base is completely maxed, and it would be a pitty if you’d stop playing out of boredom. That’s way worse than 5 levels you’re missing on your heroes.
    Personally, I feel they need to adress this issue, by for example allowing to upgrade the Barbarian King to level 20 at TH 8. Heroes are always the pain point at TH 9 and they take forever if you don’t constantly upgrade them from the beginning.

  3. Just upgrade you won’t regret I upgraded mine th when both heroes were 25-25 getting loot is lot easier at th10

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