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  1. Yea like the other guy was saying with you they can’t trigger them (like you said) but if any other troop follows and sets it off there’s a chance they’ll come out and kill them. I haven’t had this problem cause I never use any airtroops when using bats such as pekabobat so that risk isn’t there. Course I’m trash with bats so there’s that too?

  2. And if the Electra drag triggered it why didn’t it go for the edrag then??? I’ve used this attack hundreds of times and have NEVER had my bats killed by an air mine.

  3. Yeah, I’ve had this happen multiple times when the three star was pretty much a sealed deal. Loons trigger it and my bats happen to all be near and boom, gone.

  4. There are two rules at play here.

    1) Air traps will target the closest air troop

    2) Air troops can not be triggered by bats.

    You are confusing “targeting” with “triggering” and they are completely separate things.

    In the case of your video, the bats were right on top of the air trap. They were the closest but they were not triggering it. Then along comes an edrag and triggers the trap. The bats are still closest and become the immediate target.

    Mixing air troops with bats is a bad idea. Sometimes you get lucky, often times you pay the price for the bad idea.

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