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  1. Now we finally know what is under pekkas mask

    In the image that you used royal champ is versing queen, and queen is gonna win (level 70 queen with ability is gonna wreck defending royal champ). Now the meme image you used depicts Anakin about to attempt to jump over lava and verse Obi Wan, who will then wreck Anakin. In coc cannon it is not known what is under the pekkas mask (it’s one of the loading screen text items). And in Star Wars (the origin of the meme template) it is not known who Darth Vader is under his mask until later when (spoiler alert) it turn out to be Anakin. So now that we’re equating royal champ to Anakin (as shown in your meme), we can then equate queen to Obi Wan, and Darth Vader to Pekka. In Star Wars Obi Wan wrecks Anakin and the remains of Anakin get put inside the suit to become Darth vader. Logically, using the character links, we can then say that queen wrecks royal champ and the remains of royal champ get put inside pekka. So we now finally know what is under pekkas mask.

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