Today we gonna see another epic duel, but this time it’s not about troop vs troop but this time it’s spell vs spell. Well technically we still need troop to test the spell but we’ll talk more about the spell. Today star is Rage Spell and Clone Spell. Which one is better spell? Let’s see.

Rage spell is the most common spell that can be used in literally thousands way since it can boost any troop even healer to push their limit and deal more damage. It can increase troops damage and speed massively so it’s very good spell especially for a fast pace player. It need 2 housing space so you can carry 5 rage spell. Overall, very good spell.

Clone spell is more unique spell that can create doppelganger for your troops for a certain period of time. This clone is as strong as the original troop so it’s very useful for cloning tanker and big troops such as golem, pekka, and electro dragon. But at its max level, clone spell can only clone troop up to 33 housing space worth of troops so you better use it wisely since it took 3 housing space to carry clone spell. In total, we can only carry 3 clone spell so the remaining housing space can be allocated for rage spell or any other spell. Unlike rage spell, clone spell will not work for any troop exceed its capacity and heroes (imagine cloning heroes).

With all those detail considered which one do you think is better?
Rage spell? or Clone spell? or Just use both of them?

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