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14 Thoughts to “Mega Bases coming to the game! Leaked from Play Store!”

  1. SmegmaSmeller

    I’m curious how this will work, do we attack them with a massive army capacity? Or do we attack them with a few clan mates or something? Either way is cool but I’m hoping there’s a choice for both. Excited for new content like this!

  2. ImAfterburner

    Omg please! We really need something else besides clan games and league to keep my clan alive.

  3. det1rac

    I am glad this sub is active again

  4. --megaman

    That looks like chaos and I’m excited lol

  5. Gon_freecss1995

    Darian confirmed it on forum that this is not real.

  6. ElGobou

    Wow this look amazing! Can’t wait to see some sneak peek about this feature

  7. Rory-y

    Could you send me a link to a second source; if this is real it is going to be crazy

  8. _MildlyMisanthropic

    Smacks of the base attacks they have (had?) in Boom Beach – it’s been an age since I played that game though.

    Your entire clan would have to work together to take down the base but not necessarily simultaneous attacks.

  9. Avinash_777

    Dude this is fake it was created by Jaso

  10. FrostingWrench

    FAKE ASF!! Created by Jaso. People have been claiming this is a “new” leak ever since the drop of TH12. What was that… 2 years ago? Stop being so gullible people.

  11. barefoot_teen

    4 eagle artillery!!??

  12. justin231456

    Somebody knows anything abojt new updates in coc?

  13. det1rac

    Ok, what’s new?

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