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10 Thoughts to “[Humor] its true right !!”

  1. tovape75

    I noticed gems are actually easy to get in clash of clans, like by just removing trees and obsticles you get like 500gems easily in like 2 months

  2. KiwiCzechh

    Gems are usually worth more than gold, that is true. But the most expensive thing? Printer ink.

  3. edgpavl

    some games now have 3 different currencies – regular, cooler and the coolest

  4. msigamer25279

    Supercell P2W rankings

    1. Clash Royale
    2. Brawl Stars
    Other games you dont need to p2w you can be f2p and still win and have fun unless you want to be on global leaderboard

  5. The-dude-in-the-bush

    Supercell: Getting shit for 2nd currencies. Meanwhile Wargaming and EA

  6. dylanLCP

    Well the game is free and there’s no adds how else are they meant to make money

  7. lifeisgaming3

    First comment surprised there isn’t any comment with 200 votes

  8. Dollar_SPD

    Hmm I think now this will circulate to all Supercell games …

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