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  1. The placing of the buildings is good tbh (assuming their idea would work lol) they have good thinking, but lack of game knowledge

  2. I sometimes saw anti-3 star bases to protect loot, so I wanted to make one too. However, I would place almost all of my walls around my th to protect it. Barbarians etc. would have to go trough multiple layers of walls to get the th. In the middle of my base, I would put archer towers on the corners instead of walls. Something I also did was place all my army camps and barracks in 1 corner, all my collectors(since you had to click on all of them to claim it) in the other corner. They could get 50% just by destroying that stuff.

  3. I remember my first war attack being mass hogs at th8. I let loose all my hogs and they ran into 3 giant bombs before the cc even came out. I got less than 10%

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