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4 Thoughts to “[Humor] I don’t think mortars are supposed to have an air mode”

  1. CarneDesires

    Mortars are indirect fire weapons. With a rifle, you aim down sites parallel to the barrel, aimed directly at your intended target, and the bullet travel follows a relatively flat curve. With a mortar, you often don’t even see the target you’re firing at, as the projectile can travel such a great distance at relatively predictable but severe arc. The lower your barrel is angled, the longer distance your projectile can be expected to travel.

    If your mortar is aimed nearly straight up like this, it means your enemy is at your gates, and your gun team was just given orders to increase barrel elevation to near-max, putting you and your troops in a “danger-close” scenario, as the trajectory of any rounds fired are sure to land uncomfortably close to friendlies.

    Hunker down. Your village is about to be in the sh**.

  2. your_pal_kev

    It be cool if they attacked air

  3. Birdie_Mentle_Gen

    They’re trying to be like scattershot, but it didn’t work out for them.

  4. sneaky6070

    When I first started playing I used to think that mortors will take down the balloons …. lol …

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