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9 Thoughts to “[HUMOR] Hmmm…”

  1. OmniTheProdigy

    The law of equivalent exchange at work here.

  2. togekissme468

    a trophy dropper’s dream

  3. BoxySilver34

    Obviously a revenge attack where they’ve dropped trophies

  4. ItsTheAndy

    The bases I find when I’m trophy pushing

  5. Tmjon

    Getting 49% no th on this must hurt

  6. Wildmantis_

    It was a calculated risk.
    But man am I bad at math

  7. Baby_Thanos2

    Lol Happened to me before as well.

  8. Birdie_Mentle_Gen

    At least you’ll still get loot from them if they amassed a lot.

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