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38 Thoughts to “[Humor] Finally got someone”

  1. symphonymelodysong

    That’s why you put the hero there let it walk a bit and then put the witches, if he gets the bomb you heal it with the ability

  2. jac5423

    I feel like the bomb didn’t take them down

  3. py234567

    Me who just does cannon cart giants: I don’t have such weaknesses

  4. lcdmcyborg

    Not hating or anything but people post this all the time and get no upvotes while you post it and magically get 200 upvotes. How does that work?

  5. Spaceboy126lol

    I don’t like night witches, I use giants with cannon carts.

  6. DoughnutPlayz135

    Find out what happens in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!

  7. notsoslootyman

    You’re the reason my hero has to take long walk AND I drop my witches one at a time.

  8. uper_waffle

    They survived

  9. anarnajafov98

    Yeah I fall that trap so many times too 😄😄

  10. KageNekem

    What year is it?

  11. TheGreaterNord

    Lmao Builder hall 5 to beginning 7, it is so entertaining getting people this (past that people stop using witches/getting to smart) from my experience

  12. infernotara

    Good, night witch spam is a loser tactic

  13. lilgleesh1901

    Best day of my life when I got somebody. Had my giant bombs max too

  14. Throwaway_________0_

    I do this same thing with my base in the corner, gets one every couple days lol

  15. wasgood_pedro

    I love doing that

  16. vladistev9

    this is unironically a strat. I get people with that all the time

  17. Gaius_Odysseus

    Well that sucks

  18. PeakyfookinaBlinderr

    Some people just want to see the world burn

  19. KellerComper

    IQ level 1000


    Love to see it

  21. HackYeah

    That’s why i do 1 camp of giants, bombers, cannon carts, night witches, pekka, hog gliders. It gets messy but at least i can get wins with this army. Not even lava launcher is hitting too much troops because of the variaty. And yes, i also have 1 camp of some units army to all builder halls and they also work fine.

  22. _SlayerDiAngelo

    So many witch spammers😑

  23. AhtishamAllii

    Only good use of giant bombs

  24. BubbleTea199

    sorry im new why do people start at the corner

  25. VarKraken

    Robert by to to tototototototootto

  26. GCC9303

    I fell for the same thing

  27. Ghohsoka

    The first time I ever did night witches this happened lmao

  28. KevinDohertyy

    Witches are trash for bh9

  29. deathr3aper633

    I always put one witch down first, then my hero at the base, use his ability, then the rest of my witches.

  30. Herbalo

    This happened to me as well >:(

  31. vgc989

    “it was at this moment he knew, He fucked up”

  32. The_crusader2007


  33. arcstarlazer

    *check username if it was mine*

  34. MarioLuigiMen

    I mean, I just use my first witch as a minesweeper. I save my bm for once the witches get closer to the base to tank things like the mm or double cannon. I’m working on switching to giant cannon cart but these upgrades take forever

  35. CrimsonApplesM

    Hate people who did this. I learned to just place my hero or a single troop

  36. FloppyManMeat69

    Great. We see this once a month. As the kids say, thank you next.

  37. TyMad13

    This would be great with that Oh no Oh no Oh no no no no tik tok trend

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