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  1. That’s why you put the hero there let it walk a bit and then put the witches, if he gets the bomb you heal it with the ability

  2. Not hating or anything but people post this all the time and get no upvotes while you post it and magically get 200 upvotes. How does that work?

  3. Lmao Builder hall 5 to beginning 7, it is so entertaining getting people this (past that people stop using witches/getting to smart) from my experience

  4. That’s why i do 1 camp of giants, bombers, cannon carts, night witches, pekka, hog gliders. It gets messy but at least i can get wins with this army. Not even lava launcher is hitting too much troops because of the variaty. And yes, i also have 1 camp of some units army to all builder halls and they also work fine.

  5. I mean, I just use my first witch as a minesweeper. I save my bm for once the witches get closer to the base to tank things like the mm or double cannon. I’m working on switching to giant cannon cart but these upgrades take forever

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