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20 Thoughts to “[GOAL] My progress over the years as a F2P player”

  1. Curly_Seaweed

    That‘s awesome ! well done

  2. ClashRob

    You made some incredible progress!

    What are your strategies?
    Gold and promotional items?

    Id love to be up there with you, currently at TH12 Hero grinding


    Not even a gold pass? That seems really quick! But still an awesome accomplishment

  4. cvdds

    Well done! All the hard-work paid off at last.

  5. sanin321

    [Full screenshots (not the best quality sadly)](

  6. WoOo0

    how did you upgrade all the walls in the end i’m still a maxed th7 and I’m starting to get scared of the prices knowing it will cost millions later on

  7. sp00kypork

    Good job bro. If you don’t mind me asking how do u spend league medals and what league is your clan in. Also lab do u think its a good idea to fully max lab or do u just upgrade troops with good long term use that u mainly use in war/farming

  8. ClashOfCans6969

    I was in a very similar situation, my Th12 was a lil worse than yours and my Th13 is now maxed, but I spent some money

  9. your_pal_kev

    Is it better to be th12 than th11

  10. DigitalSteven1

    I’ve been th8 for 5 years. I play maybe once a year now.

  11. stefmanRS

    Could you include the pass in the photo so we know ur f2p, i have gold pass and i made pretty simmilar progress

  12. OrhanDaLegend

    how did you farm that many gems in a year holy shit!

  13. DropShockTroopr03

    How did u get those gems Mr f2p? Lol jk* great work!

  14. Tony1048576

    I see your gems and dark elixir! See you soon!

  15. LightFlood

    damn u only got like 130000 dark elixir in 2 years?

  16. AuXSilence

    How did you make 2100 gems in one year? I understand the gem mine and clearing obstacles, but that seems like a lot for a year

  17. wryvelocity

    Great job ! I recently became a TH 11 and will definitely take a screenshot once it’s January

  18. ddubdog

    how long did it take you to finish th11?

  19. _Adurhmn_

    That’s great mate! Well done! I wanna know how many accounts you play. Do you manage to play multiple accounts or just single?

  20. MrSnow87

    Bruh how did you do 4 years of lab in 2 years

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