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11 Thoughts to “Archer Queen Pirate Skin September 2020”

  1. Pironick

    Color scheme is so ugly

  2. handry997

    Like the design but hate the colors

  3. jakeuten

    I wish they’d keep the theme of doing all three heroes with the same design for each 3 seasons, like Primal (yuck) or Clockwork.

  4. Rory-y

    Eh, not the best and certainly not the worst

  5. shopnoakash2706

    Looks really good. Thanks for the leak!

  6. LordYashen

    Nothing will beat the Pecka and Skeleton king.

  7. Vatho_Gaming_YT

    Dope looking

  8. MrDurdan

    They should just make it a skin pack. Just unlock all 4 hero skins instead of this one and not complete hero skins pack. At this rate it will take 4 years to finish the party skin pack. Stupid AF.

  9. FtAnime4Life

    Looks nice! but we need a winter warden and winter barb king to complete the winter set xD

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