What we know so far…

Galadon confirms all the info.

TH13 info so far…

– TH13 requires maxed TH12 (most likely just Townhall Tesla).

– TH13 will have an inferno tower on it and retain the gigabomb and adds a freeze effect on explosion(after level 3).

– New level troops are; Electrodragon, Dragon, Balloons, Healers, Wallbreakers, Bowlers, and Hogs.

– New level of spells are; Heal, Jump, and Skeleton.

– New level of buildings are; TownHall(duh), Eagle Artillery, Xbows, Inferno Tower, Laboratory, Storages, Tesla, Barracks, Wizard Towers(2x?), Cannons(2x?), and Air Defense.

– New defense: Scattershot.

– New CC level gives 5 extra troops in CC (45/2/1)

– New seige troop; Seige Barracks.

– New level of walls.

– New levels of mine traps.

– New hero levels. (Assumed 70/70/50/20)

– New hero (Royal Champion, targets defenses, hops walls, ranged attack, special ability is a chain reaction with no range limitations).

– New troop (Yeti).

– Camps are 4×4 instead of 5×5.

– Lab is 3×3 instead of 4×4.

– Workshop is 4×4 instead of 5×5.

– Storages increased to 18 million and DE storage to 300k.

– Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome doesn’t grant full immunity to the effects of the Giga Inferno. While Eternal Tome may protect your troops from any damage that may be caused by the exploding Town Hall, it does not prevent your troops from being slowed down by the icing effect from the Giga Inferno’s explosive demise.

…Will edit and update as people post more info in the comments.

*updated Dec 5*

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24 Thoughts to “What we know so far…”

  1. hekezobbs

    Can’t wait to see the new troop

  2. WesleyM137

    Clash with Eric’s video shows new level for bowlers as well

  3. AeMasterClasher

    I want ice valkyries idk

  4. lightmaster2000

    I’m assuming that camp/lab spaces are getting smaller to reduce the crowding?

  5. Drock37

    Heroes 70/70/50/20* based on screenshots of the new hero maxed.

  6. _Hellrazor_

    Heroes 70/70/50

  7. Higher_love75

    The cap increased significantly, which should logically means new level for Collectors/Mines/Drills.

  8. HokiePilot489

    December season pass is giving 6 wall rings instead of the normal 5. Could indicate level 14 walls at 6 mil gold/elixer?

  9. XxEnemy_POWxX

    On a Jolly King preview on YouTube I saw a new level for the Wich where they were completely purple and the skull on her staff was a golden in Army Camps, and a strange purple figure that might be the new troop.

  10. nickbuck14

    If we are getting a new level for hogs that means hogs will be the first double digit leveled troop in the home village

  11. messimisses

    Yeti new elixir troop

  12. Jcat555

    Love that the lab is 3×3 now. I hate making bases because I never know where to put it.

  13. ZLuigi

    New level for hogs heal jump miners and skeleton spell too

  14. MasonryGaymer

    Probably a crystal monster: IE maybe a ranged troop

  15. amidamaru444

    Sticker this?

  16. Allstin

    Where did you see the heroes levels were 70/70/50? I just saw greyed our 65/65/40

  17. knous23

    u/Harr_Bathtub if you wanna sticky this I’ll keep updating it.

  18. 40Leagues

    “TH13 will have an inferno tower on it and retain the gigabomb and adds a freeze effect on explosion.”

    I heard the freeze effect on explosion comes in at the 3rd TH13 level. You might want to verify and update.

  19. FinalYesterday

    It says you will have needed to fully upgrade your TH12, INCLUDING the Giga Tesla. Would this not mean that ALL buildings need to be maxed? That’s how I read it anyways.

  20. det1rac

    I saw a new Pekka level on General Tony’s video.

  21. FoolProof169

    Seeing the image of the new machine and at level 4, would it be safe to assume all machines are getting another level?

  22. TotesMessenger

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  23. Grey_Wolf1

    Why is there no information on the royal champion?

  24. yeah-probably

    I am BEYOND FUCKING EXCITED for every th9 to have a level fucking FOUR edrag in defending CC that seems so incredibly balanced

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