[Attack Strategies Usage and Percent Destruction](https://preview.redd.it/8g0v4ia6eud51.png?width=1476&format=png&auto=webp&s=63090ed4a19345c7854c3c2ff418d32778a59afd)


Hey fellow clashers! Mr. Mac is back with stats!

I went through all 3 days and all 140 attacks in the recent World Qualifier and broke down the days to give you a snapshot of the current meta. I hope you can use this data to make your clan better.

Here are some key insights I found that I thought you would enjoy.

* Zap attacks made up over half of the total attacks. Zap Hogs might be the new meta.
* QC Hybrid isn’t going anywhere, and is still one of the most powerful attack strategies. QC Hybrid at 12 triples! ZapLaLo only had 5 triples. But you can see zap lalo averaged higher because when they failed, they failed at a higher percent.
* Zap Hogs was the only attack used a notable amount that tripled more than half of the time. 7 out of 13 Zap Hogs tripled. (Sui LaLo tripled 3/3 times)
* Komakun form UnicornsOfLove is really good at queen charging. He had 2 triples and a 99 2 star
* Warning from Vatang tripled 4 out of 5 hits and had a 97 percent 2 star. He is especially good at lalo, and used zaps in 4 attacks.
* LansLota tripled 3 out of his 5 hits, favoring Zap Hogs.
* The war between SpaceStation and ATN.Attax had 7 triples altogether. If you want to only watch one match up, it’s that one. Took place in the finals on day 3.

That’s all I have for now! Ask me questions in the comments if you want to see the data sorted any differently or if you have any quesitons!

Happy Clashing!

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  1. This round of qualifiers was the first time I’ve seen Zap Yetis ever being used competitively. It was a really interesting attack strategy to see. It put into perspective, for me at least, just how versatile Zaps can be just purely for funneling/pathing purposes for just about any army comp.

  2. Surprising to see Yeti Smash still has the 3rd most attacks, but one of the lower percent averages!

    Cool stuff! Great work!

  3. Pleasantly surprised to see the success of zap hogs. I had been playing around with zap hogs, mostly because I saw it as an alternative to zap lalo and I’m terrible at lalo.

  4. I really appreciate these kinds of posts, so thank you for making them!

    Zap Lalo has always been either a balloon parade or a very sudden halt to a grind to me. It’s quite challenging to use, but I feel like a God when I DO crush it in war.

    Recently, I’ve been having much higher success with Zap Hogs with a WW entry because in our war spins, I happen to face many bases that are too busy defending zap value and spreading out everything that they neglect to defend WW entries. That allows for my heroes to punch so deep into the base and effectively carve out 30-40% of the base before the hogs are even dropped.

  5. Interesting data, thanks for the effort. I do think these are not always representative of the game for the other 99%. All these attacks are against the current top level meta bases, not many people carrying 6 loons to check for black mines along the likely AQ charge path as an example. Attacks are different for non meta base builds. It’s helpful to see what top attacks are, not always useful. Just an opinion, no disrespect to the effort you put in.

  6. Based on this, what are your opinions on a zap nerf? Do you think it is likely considering the large number of zap attacks even though the majority of non/less competitive don’t use zap often?

    Very interesting stuff. Lots of attacks I haven’t even thought of/heard about

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