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66 Thoughts to “[MISC] The four horsemen of making wrong decisions”

  1. jmer13

    Battle Machine being the poster boy of the group

  2. Geometry_Emperor

    Replace Barbarian King with Grand Warden and it is perfect.

  3. Perry-thee-Platypus

    Battle machine the biggest goofball of them all

  4. Obesecookie03

    What about wall breakers

  5. sstuwwenger

    This couldn’t be more true. All my troops will go one way and my barb king or Archer queen won’t follow.

  6. Xrnal

    You forgot PEKKAS

  7. i_upvote_and_comment

    Queen is good. Enough funneling does the job. It should be Grand Warden tho

  8. ddmasterdon

    The grand warden deserves a spot here.

  9. Firefly_6666

    Zoro likes this post

  10. CaptainCour

    Not even kidding, healers go for the wizards which already have a heal on them, and she leaves the king for dead

  11. TNerdy

    For me it’s Grand Warden

  12. Leo---M

    Where’s the warden lol

  13. MrSirManDudeGuy

    Im convinced SC made BB just so we wouldn’t complain about the AQ’s AI as much.

  14. chqKv

    Barbarian King doesn’t fit in this band tbh.

  15. hbrrison

    pekka and valkyries though

  16. DefinitelyMortis

    Not BK,replace him with warden

  17. careem4

    Now this is true, but I’d DEFINITELY add Valkyries to the list

  18. Chris-The-Pianist

    Going for walls, going for walls, going for crusher, going for that stupid golemite instead of the queen

  19. Baardi

    The warden is just as dumb as the healers

  20. bliffer

    Yesterday my Battle Machine was inside the base attacking some defense shit and then turned around and ran back outside the base to attack an elixir collector that was farther away than the next archer tower.


  21. ShadowLawyer201

    Barb King? Whats the poor lad doing up there? Never had him fail me. Replace with Warden or Pekkas imo

  22. stradivarivs

    Im dead serious they have a GPS right into the crusher.

  23. ForTheWinzeler

    Hmmmm today I will walk away from the town hall and start hitting a full health crusher at 20 hp

  24. atul2211

    Archer queen do sometimes better than imagination but rest of them are dumb especially healer . Actually there should be a school in game where you can train your troop to whome they should focus first

  25. TimGreller

    Babarian king is fine imo, should’ve been warden

  26. DanielLimJJ

    Where’s Grand Warden?

  27. Solasid

    GW : Am I joke to You?

  28. Ass_Butt_was_taken

    Oh God that moment when the Healer switch from the queen getting shot by 5 defences to heal that one witch that lost 5hp to a bomb

  29. BShon

    I’d replace de BK for the pekkas in my experience

  30. hamiisii

    Boxer giants should be here , always running to the crusher that they can’t defeat

  31. 22alexela22

    Where’s grand warden?

  32. thirllsChillsNKills

    King and queen are ok but builder and healer? That’s a different story cough cough goes for 2 barbs instead of queen.

  33. wasgood_pedro

    Can’t argue with u there

  34. beeginey

    you wouldn’t understand how many times I’ve yelled “damn BALLOONS go for the AIR DEFENSE”


    Replace king with pekkas. At least for me, I use it to funnel troops so it doesnt matter if it dies.

  36. Jaden_black27

    God they are idiots

  37. JopLaane

    Bombers are really good at making bad decisions too

  38. superman37891

    You forgot to include the Warden

  39. thanoskp5577

    This meme deserves a Netflix series

  40. Domible

    They should add a new hero in the builder base.

  41. everyusernameis-take

    Where are my parents in this list?

  42. OrhanDaLegend

    im sorry i didnt get it, is it because its too expensive?

  43. karona_vrus_5rupalli

    Very very true

  44. jjagota

    Number 3 never disappoints in disappointing you…

  45. spooder-killer

    Where’s the wizard? Or was it too late because it was busy attacking a random wall

  46. thomasdvt

    Wall breakers?

  47. Zearyle

    The grand warden and royal champion?

  48. Ramboti

    Where’s me? It’s not fair

  49. FlqmeDeqth

    Bowlers too

  50. LckySvn

    What is bottom left? Never seen before

  51. forum8417

    id change the healers out with the wall breakers

  52. Bigbuffedboy69

    “We need to break a wall to attack the dark elixir store in our range”- Archer Queen

  53. CheeseMilk_

    Replace the healers with valks.

  54. gushybaba

    They most annoying one the healers they just go to heal the wall breakers 😭😭

  55. lasershow77

    Wall breakers, wardon should open and the rest are the main act

  56. wheresthetrigger123

    Where are the horses?

  57. mississippiboy100


  58. WolfMafiaArise

    Nah, Pekka is bad, too. I’ve had a low health Pekka decide to attack the gold storage instead of the very last defense in the base. Yea, fun fact: she had to PASS the defensive building to get to the storage

  59. Mrman42069

    You are forgetting P.E.K.K.A

  60. toiletgamer69420

    Had my warden attacking the townhall, one more hit, and then he went towards my knig

  61. DarkKnight0505

    Why battle machine though? He always makes the right decision going to the crusher😅

  62. JeBronLames23_

    Where are the wizards? They like so much to go in big groups to the spots where there are giant bombs lol

  63. OleRockTheGoodAg

    Nah replace barb king with grand warden. Cant tell you how many attacks I’ve lost cuz hes abandoned the main force. King is actually really easy to control pathing cuz he doesnt shoot over walls. Some mishaps with him going for walls instead of buildings, but still nowhere near as bad the warden.

  64. mrmumblz

    Oh I love it when the healers boycott the queen and stick with that Wiz stuck behind a wall 👍🏼

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