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  1. I’d actually say any e-drag spammer that attack’s you now world annihilate you. In 8 days or so then you’ll be great 😉

  2. Same! I’ve got this going now. The edrag spam has been going on for a few days now. So many trophies….

  3. Just because I see everyone above th10 using edrags and loons only or just edrags for every attack I purposely never use edrags now that I’m th11. No discrimination in my village

  4. The E-Drag spammers somehow manage to not 3star even with all of that being down for a while :p . Love my flair <3

  5. Bro I use edrags in legend successfully. There is no defence (apart from buildings with a double space between them)

  6. Edrag spam i can understand, but im at 11 and most attacks against me are drag spam. Havent seen that shit since th7 4 years ago

  7. Actually you look like e drags would completely destroy you. You like like you’re going to be ready for them in a few days though! /s

  8. I just got to th11, are electro drags really that much better then regular drags? They’re slower, take up more space and take more elixir to make, they do the same damage and have barely any more hp then a regular drag, are they really worth using over regular drags?

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