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64 Thoughts to “[MISC] Im ready for the e drag spammers”

  1. TankDonutsJr

    Work on those air mines as well. They’re killer.

  2. KapiKacper03

    Not even get ready for all dragon attack 😂

  3. Mazz846

    Reminds me of my th 8 and 9 days…. 😢😢

  4. TNerdy


    Wait you got 6 hours left you’re fine

  5. SkyMewtwo

    Set your x bows to air and ground it’s gonna get wild

  6. Arkano1

    Electro Dragons: It’s free real estate

  7. HoppedCaz92

    Staggering upgrades, not even once.

  8. DuncleE

    *lightening spells have entered the chat*

  9. AZermani_11

    Me when I use a full peka army on you

  10. powlarbowl36

    For the next 8 days there will be hardship 😂😂

  11. oceanblue2801

    how do you have 6 builders?

  12. Thouxsync05

    I don’t think it’s necessary for supercell to make it 6+ goddamn days for one fucking upgrade

  13. Frankeex

    I’d actually say any e-drag spammer that attack’s you now world annihilate you. In 8 days or so then you’ll be great 😉

  14. BlackHeartxFaz3

    *kinda* seems like the opposite currently.

  15. lakshitkairpal

    You are absolutely in grave danger for 7 days at least.

  16. SethFruen

    In the mean time that’s all you will get raided by

  17. RedStar1924

    And then I’m in crystal III as a mid TH9 and I’m getting fucked by normal Dragons

  18. Flake7811

    Same! I’ve got this going now. The edrag spam has been going on for a few days now. So many trophies….

  19. ibrahimwiz

    Not right now you aren’t.

  20. Savage-86

    Not for at least 6 hours

  21. snowboard-guy


  22. Tacco-King

    At least if you have a shield for 7 hours your sweepers will be done so that will help 🙂

  23. Bene2403

    Just because I see everyone above th10 using edrags and loons only or just edrags for every attack I purposely never use edrags now that I’m th11. No discrimination in my village

  24. brtveobv

    Sorry, umm, I don’t think you actually are

  25. Ult_Fate

    I get edrag spammed regardless lol why cant people just learn how to raid

  26. scourge9960

    Don’t worry I’m coming

  27. Master_Memer__

    They called him a madman…

  28. Sherkler

    Not till 9 days you are

  29. HoshiOnReddit

    not for another six hours

  30. Netherflames

    Single Infermos and Eagle to finish the set.

  31. Matt-C11

    Well, not quite ready. .

  32. flairsclap3

    Wait prepare that tornado trap as well.

  33. NickH5551

    Did the exact same thing just two weeks ago 😂. They just use bats

  34. Osumazi

    The E-Drag spammers somehow manage to not 3star even with all of that being down for a while :p . Love my flair <3


    Just make anti e drag base with 2 spaces between every building

  36. Willamanjaroo

    Looks like you’re very much NOT ready, for the next 9 days

  37. adityapatcher26

    Bold move sucka

  38. orcaleeorcabee

    6 builders?!

  39. iHachersk

    Bro I use edrags in legend successfully. There is no defence (apart from buildings with a double space between them)

  40. AyyBahamut

    Bite the bullet

  41. CC-5576

    Edrag spam i can understand, but im at 11 and most attacks against me are drag spam. Havent seen that shit since th7 4 years ago

  42. knight813

    Nah, single infernos and eagle can defend e drags kinda well

  43. SlayerOfOsiris

    Funny how few people know about 6 builders😂

  44. jloiler

    Bro, you’re ready to get owned by edrags. Why’d you do them all at once?

  45. nirajbs

    I hope i will face ur base today😂

  46. Ha1lStorm

    Actually you look like e drags would completely destroy you. You like like you’re going to be ready for them in a few days though! /s

  47. Badawan

    How do you have 6 builders

  48. saitama192

    How come you have 6 builders?

  49. thewizardking101

    Mass Lightening spell attack:
    I am about end this man’s whole career

  50. bruhargument

    How does one have 6 builders?

  51. Jakethecake010

    When I was upgrading my air defenses every single enemy attack was with dragons

  52. JHushen12

    You’re screwed if you don’t have any shield up for right now though

  53. KageNekem

    I just got to th11, are electro drags really that much better then regular drags? They’re slower, take up more space and take more elixir to make, they do the same damage and have barely any more hp then a regular drag, are they really worth using over regular drags?

  54. GuelahPapEyeRus

    I look for bases doing this. Why would you do all of your defenses at one time?

  55. RepresentativeNinja5

    6 builders?

  56. aggrimes

    How do you have 6 builders?

  57. Wiseman_94

    Since when is it possible to have 6 builders?

  58. _ullabritta_vitta

    How come you have 6 builders?

  59. rykerh228

    Looks like you won’t be ready for 9 days

  60. j88ves

    Imagine having 6 builders☹️

  61. BlasterPhase

    Easy target for the next week. Get ‘im boys!

  62. howardjayy


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