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5 Thoughts to “[Idea] Please Supercell! We need to know!”

  1. err_no_usename_found

    It’s actually perfectly enraged knight killer of assassins. SC held a fb contest for the best full form of pekka

  2. ChubbyKlove

    Penis Enchilada Kwanza Knesset Associative

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  4. non-reddituser

    Well searched it up wondering what would come up. Figured some weird conspiracy stuff would come up ,but it says it stands for perfectly enraged knight killer of assassins.

    After a couple more google searches it says they held a Facebook contest about who can make the best written out name for pekka.

    Would this count ? As what pekka stands for or do we want an official name from sc?

  5. rbaquerizo

    They did a long time ago, in a private livestream with about 400 people, it stands for:

    Personal Equipment for Kombat and Killing Adams.

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